When should you uncork ?





Late afternoon, the spirits are relaxing and simplicity. Aperitif improvised with friends, colleagues, or at home, whether accompanied by a generous plate of local cheeses and delicatessen during a last minute aperitif or even more elaborate dishes, Loire are the ideal companions of warm and friendly moments !




The wines of the Centre-Loire can be tasted and enjoyed during an unexpected dinner, a last minute invitation or a meal surrounded by a beautiful table. Must-see during a festive evening with friends or family, or simply for the pleasure of meeting.





wonderful moments



The food and wine pairings are unlimited. Beyond the traditional recipes, Centre-Loire wines are a perfect companions to Japanese cook as well as more spicy dishes from the Indian, Mexican or Thai cook. The great and beautiful occasions of a lifetime will, of course, be sublimated with freshness and subtlety.


Wines from the Central-Loire, no matter the color, are generally best enjoyed young. However, selected Sauvignon Blanc, particularly from Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, are more complex and can be aged. For instance, it's possible to keep some very fine yin tages from these appellations for over fifteen years. View appellations >  
Sauvignon Blanc from Quincy can be kept up to five years, but is best enjoyed sooner. Similarly, whites from Coteaux du Giennois should be enjoyed within three years of production, while those from Reuilly should be limited to two years. Pouilly-sur-Loire and its white wine made from Chasselas grapes can keep up to five years. View appellations >  
Reds from the ChâteaumeillantMenetou-Salon and Sancerre appellations can stay in the bottle for a maximum of five years, and Reuilly rouge should have just four years. View appellations