Wine and Food pairings

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Pairing food with complementary wines can sometimes seem a daunting task. To remove some of the mystery, keep in mind that it is body, rather than colour, that is most important when pairing wine and food. In addition, the choice of the strongest ingredient in each dish will determine the weight of the wine.

White, red or rosé, Centre-Loire wines can be enjoyed with simple everyday dishes as well as the most refined ones. The dry whites will enhance your fish, seafood and cheese recipes. The rosés will be the best companions for barbecues and world cuisine. The reds, fruity and subtly spicy, will accompany your red meats, pizzas and other savoury tarts.   







White Sancerre wines are fresh and subtle. The aromas of white fruits (peach, pear...), citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon...) and exotic fruits (pineapple...) are mixed with a strong minerality, expression of the diversity of the soils of the appellation. 

The red Sancerre wines illustrate the virtues of Pinot Noir. Elegant and fine, they offer delicate aromas of small red and black fruits, from cherry to blackcurrant. On the palate, the wines are firm, full and long.

The Sancerre rosés are fresh and delicious. The Pinot Noir reveals aromas of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry...) and white fruits (white peach, pear...). Perfect wines for summer and all exotic foods.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)




The Pouilly-Fumé wines, exclusively white from Sauvignon, delivers notes of broom and grapefruit. The nose is seduced by the aroma of gun-flint, typical of wines from siliceous soils.

Pouilly-sur-Loire wines are fresh and crisp. The Chasselas gives the wines aromas of white fruits and fresh almonds.

Between 46 and 50°F (8 and 10°C)


Potato, lentils and smoked herring salad






Menetou-Salon white wines are fresh and fruity, spicy and musky, blending citrus and floral aromas. Pepper and menthol tones are apparent in a round, full palate with good length.

The red wines of Menetou-Salon from Pinot Noir are supple with aromas of cherries and ripe plums. The finish is illuminated by fine notes of candied fruit that melt into a full and subtly spicy mouth.

Menetou-Salon rosés are elegant and subtle. They surprise with their richness and freshness.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)



Exclusively white, Quincy wines asserts its freshness with aromas of citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon...) and acacia. Slightly mentholated notes complete this rich aromatic palette, which reveals the subtle and delicate expression of Sauvignon Blanc.

Between 46 and 50°F (8 and 10°C)






Fresh and fruity, the Reuilly white wines reveal floral and vegetal aromas (blackcurrant buds, lime blossom...) which melt into a rich round palate.

The red Reuilly wines express all the intensity of the Pinot Noir through aromas of red fruits (raspberry, wild strawberry...) and black fruits (cherry, blackcurrant...). On the palate, they are full, fleshy and light with plenty of fruit

The Reuilly rosés from Pinot Gris are supple and delicate with aromas of fresh white fruit and exotic fruit, and with a very pale pink color.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)



The white Coteaux du Giennois give beautiful expressions of Sauvignon, with notes of white flowers and quince. The mineral notes affirm the character of these full and supple wines. 

The red Coteaux du Giennois, a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, are fine and fruity with aromas of wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Slightly spicy notes underline the whole. The aromatic side of Pinot Noir and the vivacity of Gamay balance each other wonderfully.

The Coteaux du Giennois rosés express their finesse and delicacy. Aromas of vine peaches and slightly peppery notes enhance these fresh and balanced wines.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)



Aromes Chateaumeillant



Aromas of ripe fruit and spices characterise the red wines of Châteaumeillant from Pinot Noir and Gamay. They are structured, full and greedy. 

The rosés, called "gris", present a freshness and fruitiness that is very original. White fruits and vineyard peach lead to more sweet notes. Fresh and lively on the palate, these are excellent summer wines.

 Between 48 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)



cÔteS de la charite

The white wines are characterized by great finesse, a floral nose, and dried fruit and buttery notes.

The reds stand out for their aromas of berries and forest floor.

The rosés, or “gris”, have a frank attack combining freshness with a long finish.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)        




Coteaux de tannay

The Coteaux de Tannay whites are characterised by their vivacity, minerality and roundness.

The reds develop aromas of red to black fruits and spicy notes, they are supple and well structured.

The rosé or grey wines of the Coteaux de Tannay are characterised by their suppleness with fruity and floral aromas.

 Between 46 and 53°F (8 and 12°C)