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Domaine Philippe Portier

Domaine de la Brosse, 18120 Brinay

Coming from a peasant family established in Brinay for 4 generations, I take again
family farm in 1985. Six years
later, I create my own winery on
the Quincy appellation.
I develop my vineyard focusing on
qualities of the Quinçois terroir. Today, it is
on more than 20Ha of vines that I shape
three vintages of Quincy with identities
marked. If my cuvée estate reflects the
generosity of Quincy wines, my cuvées
Quincyte and Jean-Maxime unveil all the
finesse of Sauvignon on its terroir of
After many opportunities in the past
develop on Reuilly, I finally find in
2013, the clay-limestone soil that I
research. My goal is to differentiate
my wines.
So I plant vines on the appellation
Reuilly, first with Sauvignon blanc then
Pinot Noir: The Domaine des Victoires is
then created.
I chose for the management of my vines
as for the winemaking to associate Tradition
and Modernity. As at any time of
history, each generation has to bring its
contribution to know-how.
That’s one of the reasons why I
vinifier in an old farm Berrichonne
completely restored. In this busy place
of history, my primary concern is
produce high quality wines
expressing at best the typicity of my


- Quincy

- Reuilly

Offers an accommodation : Yes

Group Capacity : 50

Languages spoken : english

Winerie : Yes

Food : No

Informations : No


Berry Centre-Loire destination

Château de la Brosse : Guest rooms and Cottage - Reception room

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