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Quiz The grape Harvest: True or False?

Quiz on the grape harvest: True or False?

Early harvest in 2022 in the Centre-Loire. With a dry summer, the first pruning strokes were given in advance in the vineyards of the Centre-Loire, from August 25th. Today the harvest is in full swing.

Harvest Centre-Loire Vineyards

On this occasion we invite you to test your knowledge about the harvest:

Quiz on the grape harvest: True or False?

  1. The winegrowers must wait until they know the date of the harvest before starting
  2. All the wine-growing countries in the world harvest between August and October. 
  3. The harvest begins around 100 days after flowering. 
  4. The refractometer is used to follow the evolution of the maturity of the grapes. 
  5. The sommelier knife is the tool used by the grape picker to cut the bunches. 
  6. The must is formed by the sedimentation of dead yeasts after fermentation. 

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