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What are the first impressions of the 2021 vintage in Centre-Loire?


After a series of solar-powered vintages, 2021 marks a return to the roots of Centre-Loire vineyards: their fruity freshness. This vintage demanded the full attention of all those who spent the entire year contending with fickle weather.

First impressions of the 2021 vintageVintage Centre-Loire

The grapes matured in cooler temperatures than in recent years, so 2021 is in line with other vintages that conform to the temperate climate of the Centre-Loire wine region.

The whites are aromatically expressive, dominated by fruity notes like citrus but also white fruit. Some of them are further enhanced by hints of spices or subtle vegetal touches. Depending on the provenance and harvest date, the balance on the palate may be characterized by a gentle freshness or more or less sustained liveliness. Experience tells us that this style of wine always improves in quality when aged.

The rosés tend to be fairly pale and salmon pink in colour.  They are dominated by fruity fragrances (strawberry, raspberry and banana). Their mouthfeel can chiefly be described as bright and fresh.

The reds also boast attractive fruitiness (cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant). The vatting and extraction, adapted to the characteristics of the crop, yielded wines with moderate, high-quality tannins. Malolactic fermentation should further boost their roundness. More delicate than powerful in this vintage, they may be ready to drink fairly early for people looking for a richer taste.

An unpredictable vintage year, indeed.

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