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First impressions of the 2020 vintage

2020 vintage: A year with just two seasons

First impressions of the vintage

The wines have displayed remarkable fullness and concentration.Cellar - vintage

The whites, though still a little timid, convey notes of white fruit. Pear and white peach are clearly identifiable, rounded out with hints of aniseed and liquorice. The mouthfeels are superbly expressive, with different balances depending on when the grapes were harvested, the earliest yielding more biting wines and then, as the fruit matured longer, viscosity was able to develop and grow.

The colour of the rosés is a bold pink. In these wines, the aromas of berries are fully expressed. The balance on the palate is marked by freshness.

The reds display deep ruby colours with more or less pronounced hints of purple. Their noses are complex, in a combination of fresh berries with more jammy aromas. The vatting and extraction, adapted to the characteristics of the vintage, have produced structured mouthfeels built on smooth tannins. While the acidity which is welcome at this stage reveals tannins that are in some cases a little on the firm side, malolactic fermentation and maturation should even out the wines in the end.

2020 is truly a vintage full of promise.

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